Building Install

If you would like to connect your whole building to the Mesh, we have a new streamlined process. This is for over 6 apartments. Buildings over 50 apartments will be considered for fiber connections and we will handle fiber leases as well. Our Grand Street project has hundreds of apartments sharing a 40 gigabit fiber connection, so large projects are welcome.

We will help you with-

  • Scheduling
  • Payment management
  • Management companies
  • Dedicated high-bandwidth connections
  • Zoom and coop meeting attendance
  • Lease and insurance paperwork if needed
  • Dedicated Mesh contact to coordinate everything

If you can get 50 or more apartments to sign we will do a fiber install and we can waive the fiber lease and data costs. There will still be an install cost per-apartment of $290, or $40 per month for six months for those who can’t afford the up-front cost.

For new buildings we will work with construction companies and architects to plan and run cables during construction. We are working on a few new buildings at the moment.

Here is a presentation about building installs

Email us with your questions!