Network status


Antenna alignment today at Ehud to fix ongoing bandwidth problem at Saratoga in Brooklyn. Bandwidth should improve in the afternoon after a short downtime around noon.

Rivington hub is still in process of upgrades. This is affecting 4 active nodes in the Lower East Side. We are planning to get full bandwidth there next week by connecting to Henry hub and SN1 using new gigabit 60Ghz gear.


Fixed node 1417 connection at 5:45pm


A storm took down our node 1417 and is affecting 3 nodes in the East Williamsburg area. We hope to have this fixed tomorrow.


Problem fixed! All ok.

A failed upgrade caused downtime at the major hub node in Brooklyn this morning. It was fixed at 4:15pm today.

As always, if you are experiencing issues with your connection, you can: - Create a support ticket or - Contact us on the #support channel on slack.

You can also get updates in the #1340-alerts channel on Slack.

Recently our Supernode 2 had to be taken down for roof repair which forced us to make major changes to the area’s network. We are still working on improving the new connections. The good news is many new hub nodes are coming online, so there will be more choices to connect to in the coming weeks.