Bypass your ISP

The internet is not a product you buy, it is a network you join. It was started by networks joining together. There was no charge for this as both side benefited. When networks join it is called “peering” and this continues today in data centers. Nobody needs to pay for peering.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are able to get between you and this free peering community by running cables to your apartment and charging rent for these cables. ISPs aren’t really selling you bandwidth, they are renting you cables. If you own your own cables or wireless connection you can bypass the ISP and their fees and data collection. Community networks can bypass the ISPs by using long range wireless connections from data centers to your roof.

The internet is distributed across the planet with no central ownership. If you connect your roof to the internet you are extending the internet, and others can extend the internet from your roof.

We can bypass the ISPs and use community networks to extend the internet to everyone.