Here is my list of priorities for the mesh in order of importance. I’ll keep this updated.

1. More weekday install leaders
2. Leaflets for multiple apartments in same building
3. USPS mailout to new areas like Greenwood
4. Complete setting up the mesh org
5. SN4 improvements
6. Tall structure installs
7. Collaborations
8. Donations

1. Install leaders

We have a huge amount of voluteers for installs but very few are available during weekdays and there are not currently enough install leaders. Please join slack if you would like to help.

2. Leaflets

We have installs on over 200 buildings but most of these only connect one apartment. We should go back to these buildings and distribute leaflets to get the rest of the building interested in installs.


We can send postcards via USPS to new areas (zip codes) that we can connect like Greenwood, South Slope, Allerton (Bronx) and Alphabet City

4. Complete setting up the mesh org

We have filed the papers to set up the org. We need to get a bank account and move ahead with some fiber contracts.

5. SN4 improvements

We should improve the gateway, and move the antennae to the highest point.

6.Tall structure installs

Tall structures are the only way we can expand the wireless mesh. This is by far our biggest priority. There are a few different types in the city and we need to try them all- NYCHA buildings, skyscrapers, churches, schools, libraries, existing antenna masts and building coops. We need specific presentations and handouts for each of these types of structures. We are currently approaching libraries and churches. We need to build presentations for coop boards and others.

Once we have a tall structure in a neighborhood we can link to apartment building rooftops.

7. Collaborations

We have many collaborations with building management companies. We need to prioritize this and expand on these projects.

8. Donations

Donations and subscriptions pay for everything we do. We need more money to help us create more supernodes and expand. You can donate via our donate page.