There are three ways you can get connected:

1. Rooftop Install

Our team of volunteers can install hardware on your roof or balcony to get you connected. This costs between $160 and $290 depending on the equipment used and your ability to pay.

With all rooftop installs, we mount an antenna on your roof and run an outdoor ethernet cable down a wall or conduit into your apartment. We usually run the cable through a window frame or next to an air conditioner. The cable powers the rooftop antenna from a small adapter in your apartment and provides internet to your home wifi router.

We supply the rooftop antenna, mount (if needed), ethernet cable, and indoor wifi router. We can connect multiple apartments in one visit!

2. Full Building Install

We can install fiber or a dedicated point to point connection and wire an entire building with ethernet to provide all residents with a connection. We’ve worked with co-ops, management companies, block associations and hotels to connect entire buildings and city blocks.

To work with us to organize a large scale install, email us or join our Slack.

3. DIY Install

Already know something about networking? If you’d like to try connecting to the network on your own, fill out the join form to receive a potential node number. Then follow the instructions on our docs and ask for help on our #diy-install-support Slack channel. Once you are connected, we ask that you give a minimum monthly donation of $20 to help us maintain the network.