Get Connected

Please ask your neighbors if they would like to join too! We prioritize multiple installs in the same building and rooftop access. For progress on your connection request email

To get connected to NYC Mesh, you’ll need a line of sight from your rooftop or balcony to one of our supernodes or hubs. Check our map to see if you're in the network coverage zone. And if you’re not yet in range, keep checking back as our network is always expanding, or volunteer to help us grow towards your neighborhood.

We do not charge a fee to join our network. Once you're connected, we ask that you give a minimum monthly donation of $20.

To begin the process of getting connected, consider which of the three installation methods you would like and fill in the form above, once per apartment or address.

There are three ways you can get connected:

Method 1: Schedule a Volunteer-Led Install

Our volunteer team can install hardware on your rooftop or outside your window to get you connected. This costs between $160 and $290 depending on equipment or ability to pay. Read the FAQ to learn about volunteer-led installs and then fill out the form above. And ask your neighbors if they would like to get connected too - we can connect multiple apartments in one install visit!

Once you submit, we'll get back to you requesting a panorama photo from your rooftop or window to assess your line of sight. If you don’t receive a response within five minutes, check your email’s spam folder.

For questions on an existing request please email us and include your node number.

Method 2: Organize a Building or Multiple-Unit Install

We’ve worked with co-ops, management companies, block associations and hotels to connect entire buildings and city blocks. To work with us to organize a large scale install, fill out the form above or contact us on email or Slack.

Method 3: Do It Yourself Install

Already know something about networking? If you’d like to try connecting to the network on your own, fill out the form above to be assigned a potential node, then follow the instructions on our docs and ask for help on our Slack in #diy-install-support.