This map shows our install locations.

We have been installing many public wifi access points (APs) over the past year on light poles and in hallways.

Our typical non-hub installs have a LiteBeam and OmniTik AP on the roof and cables to apartments. (We don’t include the single-band OmniTiks in the AP count)

Hubs generally have a fast wireless connection and can connect other rooftops in the area usually with a “sector” antenna.

Supernodes (SN) have fiber connections. Two of our supernodes are located at data centers with backbone internet connections. Our third supernode “131 Broome” is connected via leased fiber to the 111 8th Ave data center.

If there is a supernode or hub node (blue dot) within range of your building, you may be able to join our network. The potential nodes are from our join form. We are working to turn these into active nodes by expanding our coverage and increasing our rate of installs.

The blue lines are over-the-air connections, yellow are fiber, purple are VPN and gray lines are speculative connections.

We are very interested in finding people from other parts of the city that are willing to build and maintain networks for their neighborhood! We will give you lots of help in this. If you would like to volunteer for your neighborhood, please email us.