Privacy Policy

Our Collection and Use of Anonymized Data

NYC Mesh does not collect, store, or log any user data content that passes through our network. During required network maintenance and troubleshooting, network packets, including content, may be monitored to ensure successful network functionality.

NYC Mesh may process network packet headers for traffic passing through the NYC Mesh network for the following purposes:

  • to troubleshoot and ensure successful network functionality
  • to collect aggregate statistics for planning and dashboarding purposes
  • to provide general anonymized reports about network operations to advance NYC Mesh’s non-profit mission.

Non-anonymized data is never stored or logged for any longer than necessary to process the data for a purpose listed above.

The NYC Mesh network depends on resources such as internet, telecom links, and other networking components from individuals and third-party entities which are beyond the control of NYC Mesh. Therefore, traffic which exits the NYC Mesh network may be subject to external monitoring or recording at or beyond those network access points.

Voluntarily Submitted Data and Data Transmission

NYC Mesh stores basic contact information voluntarily provided by members, which may include individuals’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. This information may be shared with volunteers for the purpose of completing a requested install, network maintenance, or communications about NYC Mesh. Portions of the data may be de-identified and shared publicly as NYC Mesh node locations. No identified information is shared with any third-party entities though it may be stored or processed on third-party systems such as online documents, email systems, and/or cloud-hosted systems.

Sharing Data with Third Parties

NYC Mesh does not partner with third parties to collect any data or information, nor do we have any data or information sharing agreements with third-party entities.

NYC Mesh will comply with all laws in the jurisdictions where it operates. However, because NYC Mesh collects only the limited, aforementioned data, it is unable to provide non-anonymized, historical data to any entity that may request it.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us at